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STUDIO ANKA's Services
‚úļ Branding
 Research, Strategy, Brand + Visual Identity
‚úļ¬†Visual¬† identity¬†
Logo, brand colours, typography, patterns, system of essential brand visual elements, guidelines

‚úļ¬†Cross-channel key visuals
The graphic theme applied across various channels, print, digital  
‚úļ¬†Packaging design
E.g. packaging (visual), label, wrap, tape, stickers
Business cards, corporate stationery, thank you cards, stickers, tape
‚úļ¬†Print and digital marketing¬†assets
Print: e.g. flyers, brochures, coupons, gift cards, vouchers, poster ads, magazine ads
Digital: email footer, newsletter, template, ads, ad banners
‚úļ¬†Social media visuals¬†
Look, highlights cover, theme, post templates, story, and reels covers
‚úļ¬†Surface design (patterns)
Patterns, illustrations, and graphics for products
‚úļ¬†Digital and paper¬†ads
Print: banners for newspapers, magazines, 
Digital: static ads, banners for social media, blogs, apps, digital magazines, websites, social media, GIFs, and simple animated ads
‚úļ¬†Environmental graphics
E.g. signage, roll-ups, banners, billboards, vehicle wrap
‚úļ¬†Editorial design
Corporate magazines, corporate documents, files, catalogs, leaflets, brochures
And more...

I offer packs and bundles of my services to make it easy for you to choose the most suitable option for your business.

Q: How to choose the best option for your business?
A: Please take a look at Studio Anka's service and bundles guide! 

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This file is a guide to Studio Anka's service and bundles.

Designed for making to choose the best option for you and your business easy and more efficient.
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Q: Do you need any further assistance? Which of my services bundles will be the most suitable for your business?
A: Let's talk → Contact me via contact@studioanka.com and let's discuss which of the option will be the most suitable for your needs!